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Wapda Jobs Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) was founded through an Act of Parliament in 1958. It is an independent and statutory body under the regulatory control of the Federal Government. The Authority consists of a Chairman and three Members (Water, Power, and Finance). Wapda was unbundled in the year 2007 how the purposes of its Power wing were redefined as Hydel Power Generation and Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of substations. Following unbundling of its energy wing, WAPDA’s order is now the improvement of water and hydropower sources in an efficient behavior.

About Wapda

In order to reach the conditions of the country in both water and hydropower areas with a final object to put Pakistan on the path of construction, WAPDA has planned to build five multi-dimensional water warehouse dams during the next 3-12 years. The structure of these dams will not only help address acute water difficulty but also produce cheap and decent hydroelectricity.

These projects will not only be beneficial at the national level but will also be instrumental for the development of remote and less developed regions of the country where they are located.

In line with its commission, WAPDA is operating hard to harness water and hydropower supplies in the country. The idea is to create affordable, clean electricity, which will give relief to the customers by leading down the power rate. The building of water storehouses will meet the water demands besides playing their role for moderation of flood hazards.

How to Apply to WAPDA Jobs / Vacancies

The WAPDA in Pakistan is a larger employer in the Government and Public Sector with thousands of workers working in almost all cities, communities and tehsils. The recruitment process is handled by the HR office but for some vacancies, it requires the candidates to go through test/exam procedure. This recruitment method is outsourced to Pakistan Testing Service (PTS) (it used to be NTS). PTS soon oversees recruitment test/exams for those vacancies and advertises jobs from time to time. You can appeal to WAPDA jobs once they are announced as per requirements, see details below:

  • Download the job announcement and decide if you can apply directly to WAPDA or through PTS.
  • In the example of direct appeal, you can mail out your application along with needed documents to the local or headquarter building.
  • If PTS is sending the recruitment test, you must fill out the frame, keep the fee in bank and submit the deposit slip along with the paper form.
  • Once presented and approved, you will be notified about the follow-up method including an interview.